Welcome to LUURN!

Lifelong UU Religious Nourishment

WELCOME to the Lifespan Religious Education section of our website. We could not be more excited about UUFNN’s educational offerings for both adults and children This could well be the introduction to UUFNN that could transform someone’s life. After all, UUFNN was voted “Reno’s Best-Kept Secret!” Everybody in our community, not just the members of our Fellowship, are welcome to participate in our programs. Please click here to download 2017’s LUURN brochure.

“Religious Education” is an interesting term. Some think of it as Faith Development, Faith Exploration, or simply a deepening of the spiritual journey. I think it is all of these things. The term “Lifespan” signifies our intention to provide these Faith Exploration opportunities for all ages. It is a recognition of the fact that we as human beings are capable of being life-long learners and at UUFNN, we seek to fulfill this need.

Religious Education for children and youth goes far beyond attending classes, making crafts, and listening to stories. It is about teaching these smallest ones and our almost-adults that they can be change agents in our world. It is about giving them the gift of love and belonging and a safe space to ask the big questions of life, religion, and faith.

The foundation that is created in UU Religious Education just might be what helps sustain and direct your children at various pivotal points throughout their lives.

When we plan for RE at UUFNN, our teachers are not merely planning to teach a curriculum on a page, they are preparing to love and cherish our children, to nurture spirits and shape lives.

You are welcome to participate in our programs whether you are a member of UUFNN or not. Please invite your friends and neighbors to participate in our RE programs also; it just might be the encouragement they are looking for.

In gratitude,

Rev. Karen Foster