Library News and Book Review  Feb. 20, 2018     

By Sylvia Willard            

This Sunday is Library Sunday, so there will be a volunteer in the library from 10:00 until 10:25 and again after the service until 12:00 to help you find books and answer questions.

The Fellowship Library is self-serve. Books check out for four weeks. Anytime you are in the building you are welcome to go in and borrow books. Print your name on the check out card and include the date and your phone number. Place the cards in the green plastic box on top of the low shelving. When you return the books, just put them on the shelf below the check outbox. A library volunteer will pull the cards and shelve the books. We have a small collection of children’s books. The Emerson Library is walker and wheelchair friendly.

Please remember you can search the library collection anytime you are online and visit the website.