“To All Get Free Together”
By Chris Crass

To become an anti-racist faith community, the key question for a
white majority community is not “How do we get people of color to
join our faith community?” It is, instead, “How can we make a
prolonged, spiritually-rooted, engaged commitment to uprooting
white supremacy within our community and take ongoing
collective action to challenge it in society?”

Our goal is not to have white people sit alongside a person of
color so as to affirm that those white people aren’t racist. Our goal
is to build and be part of beloved community, united to end
structural oppression and unleash collective liberation in our faith
communities, schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, and
throughout society. Our goal is to join hands across the divisions
of racism in our faith and in our communities, and affirm the
humanity in each other.

Our goal is to join our hearts and minds to the task of destroying
white supremacy in every worldview, policy, law, institution, and
governing body of our society. For our faith communities to be
places of healing from the nightmare of racism that haunts people
of color and white people. For our faith communities to be places
of nourishment, sustaining the multiracial struggles of our people
to advance economic, racial and gender justice. For our faith
communities to be part of the continual process of working within
the movement as part of the journey to end oppression in society.
For our faith communities to raise our children of all backgrounds
to be freedom fighters and practitioners of liberation values.

Our goal is for our faith communities to be spiritually alive,
learning from and contributing to liberation cultures and legacies.
For our faith communities to be welcoming homes for people of all
colors, sexualities, classes, ages, abilities, genders and
citizenship statuses. For our faith communities to regularly invite
us into and prepare us for courageous action for collective
liberation, held in loving community for the long haul.
May our faith communities be active agents in the world, to help
us all get free together.