Let's Get Connected With Realm

Realm is the Fellowship’s membership database. Realm allows UUFNN Members and Friends to change their contact information, monitor their giving statements, read our bylaws and the agendas and minutes of the Board of Trustees, and communicate with one another. Using Realm on your computer (https://onrealm.org/UUFNN/SignIn) or with their Mobile App on your smartphone you can now connect with people at any time rather than waiting for the next Sunday service or event! As stated in the “Ends” for our congregation, “We find joy in creating connections within our community of likeminded individuals through social events, justice work, and spiritually-nourishing services.” Realm is an important way to build those connections to the likeminded individuals that you will find in our Fellowship.

If you don’t have a Realm account yet or if you are having any problems with Realm, email the Realm Support Team to get set up.

Realm’s Quick Start Guide: Use this to get started with Realm and to make sure your name and contact info show up in UUFNN’s Realm Directory.