Share the Plate for December

This December, we continue to support the Nevada Youth Empowerment Program (NYEP ), recognizes that the number of homeless, parentless, and  undereducated youth continues to rise at an extreme rate in our community. NYEP believes in guiding women from poverty to opportunity,  Their intent is to produce outcomes such as high school graduation, employment, college education, independent housing, good citizenry, and avoidance of welfare. NYEP offers many services including affordable housing, opportunities for youth to participate in volunteer activities,  life skills training, and a clothing collaborative.  In addition, NYEP conducts the annual homeless youth count which is critical in identifying the number of  youth needing services.  This count is used to match resources for those needs. NYEP receives NO government funding and our generosity in making a contribution is critical to creating life changing conditions for this vulnerable population. More about NYEP.

Share the Plate makes a Difference!

“On behalf of Nevada’s Recovery and Prevention community, I would like to sincerely thank you for choosing us to be the recipient of your “Share the Plate” offering. The UU Fellowship’s focus on social justice and empowering marginalized populations makes such a difference in our community. With that in mind, it is encouraging that you saw NRAP as a program and a group worthy of your support.”…..Meri Shadley, NRAP Program Director

This thank you sums it up. Our generosity in sharing one half of our weekly collection is making a difference beyond our walls. Thank you for continuing to step up each week and donate to the organizations that are selected for STP. If you are familiar with an organization that could benefit from our generosity, please complete a nomination form.

Forms can be obtained by contacting Nancy Oakley at, or by contacting Carol Sorensen at  The form can also be submitted electronically