Share the Plate

At every service, UUFNN passes the plate to collect donations. Half of the collections go to a local charity working to help people in our community. Find out who the Share the Plate partner is this month!

Food Insecurity

We have two ministries to help address food insecurity in our community, The Reno Posse and our partnership with the Northern Nevada Food Bank

Food Bank Volunteers

Every month, we volunteer at the Northern Nevada Food Bank. To find out more about our work, please email To find out more about other opportunities at the Food Bank, sign up for their newsletter.

Organizer of The Reno Posse
The Reno Posse Organizer

The Reno Posse

We cook for our hungry neighbors and distribute nutritious meals every week!

We ALWAYS need volunteers! Find out more about what we do and see some of our volunteers in action.

Immigrants’ Rights

The Borderlands Justice Team is a UUFNN Faith Works Ministry established in 2019 after a trip to the US/Mexican border, which was hosted by the UUSC College of Social Justice. We came back with a deeper understanding of the plights and injustices suffered by fellow human beings and seek to improve things. Find out more about our work and how to get involved.

Image of 
Borderlands Justice Team
Borderlands Justice Team

Environmental Sustainability

We live with a deep awareness of our climate crisis and the deep environmental injustices of our time. Find out more about our work.

Faith In Action

We are a nonpartisan, multi-faith group that organizes and advocates for racial justice, economic justice, and an inclusive democracy. UUFNN has been a partner of Faith In Action (formerly ACTIONN.) Rooted in transformative local organizing led by communities of faith and those directly impacted by racial and economic injustice in Nevada. Our local organizing drives powerful voter engagement and grassroots advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels. There are levels of involvement from small to large! Find out how to get involved by emailing at

Gift Cards

We are always accepting gift cards for community members needing a little help. If you would like to deduct these gifts from your taxes, please put your name on an envelope with the gift cards inside. And if you ever need a little help, let us know! Contact or our pastoral care team for confidential help.