Safety Protocols for In-Person Worship Services
Through our first month back for in-person worship services, everyone has done a great job honoring the safety protocols the COVID Safe Task Force developed to keep everyone as safe as possible. Thank you for your hard work. The Task Force developed the protocols based on research and lengthy discussions in an effort to balance risk mitigation and convenience. It continues to review and modify them as we move forward (based on changing conditions, changing knowledge, and feedback.)
The Board of Trustees welcomes your questions and comments about the protocols. Please send us an email at or call any member of the Board of Trustees.
Mask: Please wear it at all times and make sure it covers your nose. Pull your mask down only to drink and then move it back up. Social Distance: Please keep a minimum distance of three feet between you and non-family members. This also means limiting greetings to air hugs, bows, or elbow bumps. SeatsPlease keep two unoccupied chairs between you and non-family members. When You ArrivePlease fill out a sign-in sheet and drop it in one of the baskets either at the front table or in the Great Room.  Then move to either the North Patio or the Great Room to visit. We are not using the Gathering Room because it is difficult to socially distance there. After the ServicePlease visit either in the Great Room or on the North Patio, not in the Gathering Room or hallwayPlease Attend by Zoom: If you feel sick or have a pending COVID-19 test or suspect you may have been exposed in the previous 14 days to someone who was Covid-19 positive.or if you are not fully vaccinated.

In approving these changes, the Board of Trustees evaluated current CDC guidance, current Unitarian Universalist Association guidance, which advocates a slower approach than the CDC, the opinions of our UUFNN members and friends who advocate removing all Covid-19 restrictions, and the opinions of our UUFNN members and friends who advocate leaving Covid-19 restrictions in place.

The CDC guidance, the UUA guidance, and the opinions of views of our members and friends encompass a wide range of views. The changes that will take effect August 27 represent a balancing of these views. They are an effort to reduce restrictions, consistent with public health guidance, while making it possible for members and friends who are not vaccinated, including our children under age 5, to participate safely in in-person activities at UUFNN.

The Board is continuing to evaluate the requirements and will make additional changes as we continue to move forward to a full reopening of UUFNN.

The Board welcomes and solicits your comments and questions on reopening and Covid-19 safety requirements.  Please email the Board at

Revised Requirements for UUFNN Outdoor Events

  1. Mask wearing will be required outside.
  2. We ask that everyone always carry a mask when you come to the Fellowship even if you only plan to be outside, so that we can put them on if necessary.
  3. Social distancing is still required and encouraged.
  4. With continued social distancing, we will continue singing outside.

Revised Requirements for Small Group Indoor Meetings at UUFNN

  1. Groups of up to 10 people may meet in the Great Room.
  2. Social distancing and face masks are required, and the outside doors to the Great Room must be opened to provide greater air flow through the room
  3. One change is that if all the meeting participants are vaccinated, all the meeting participants agree, and no other person who is unvaccinated (including children of meeting participants) will be present, then face masks are not required and eating is also permitted, but meeting participants should carry a face mask with them, in case it becomes necessary to put one on.

Covid-19 Safety Requirements For All UUFNN Affiliated Events Held Outside At UUFNN or Off-Campus

The following requirements must be complied with by all persons who participate in any Event held outside at the UUFNN facility and any Event authorized by or affiliated with the Fellowship and held in private homes or other locations. Events include worship services, meetings, UUFNN Auction events, social gatherings, or any other activity that is held outside at UUFNN.

For all Events, the following requirements apply:

  1. Every Event must have an Event Organizer and an Event Monitor.
  2. Meetings are not to be scheduled at UUFNN before speaking with the UUFNN Office Administrator. A signed “Event Information” Form must be provided to the Office Administrator before the Office Administrator will confirm the Event.
  3. The Event Organizer shall make their best efforts to create a list with the names of all Event participants. This is important so that contact tracing can be performed in the event a case of Coronavirus is subsequently determined to possibly have been transmitted at the Event.
  4. Participation in outside Events will not be capped, but strict social distancing must be maintained throughout the Event.
  5. Face masks must be worn by all participants aged 2 and up, regardless of vaccination status. A mask may be removed to drink or eat, but only if the wearer is socially distanced from others, and the mask must be put back on after drinking or eating.
  6. All participants who are not part of an established social pod must continue to maintain a distance of at least six feet from one another at all times. This means continuing the practice of not hugging or shaking hands. Any Event participant may request seating that is further distanced from other participants. UUFNN will accommodate any such request to the maximum extent possible.
  7. The “Event Organizer” must appoint an “Event Monitor(s)” or perform that role. The Event Monitor’s tasks include ensuring all the requirements outlined in this document are followed by all Event participants, including observing the required social distancing, creating a list of all Event participants, to the best of the Event Monitor’s ability. At the conclusion of the Event, the Event Monitor or Event Organizer shall deliver the list of Event participants to the office administrator.

Additional Requirements for Outside Events Held at UUFNN

For Events held at the UUFNN facility all of the requirements above and all of the following additional requirements must be met:

  1. Only one such Event at a time may be held at the UUFNN facility, so each Event Organizer must schedule the day and time of the Event with the Office Administrator well in advance. (775) 851-7100, ext. 101,
  2. The Event Organizer will make best efforts to create a list with the names of all participants, in order to ensure that contact tracing can be performed in the event a case of Coronavirus is subsequently determined to possibly have been transmitted at the Event.
  3. The use of UUFNN chairs shall be at the discretion of the Event Organizer or Participants may bring their own chairs.
  4. The use of UUFNN tables shall be at the discretion of the Event Organizer. Typical plastic fold-out table seating shall be limited to six (6) people, with two (2) per side and one at each end of the table.
  5. Restrooms: Only the restrooms in the Main building will be available and shall be used with the following precautions.
    1. Social distance while waiting to use restrooms.
    2. No more than two persons shall be in a restroom at a time.
    3. Exception: If family members need assistance, they can go in together, provided no one else uses the same restroom at the same time.
    4. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before leaving the restroom.
  6. The Event Organizer(s) shall be responsible for ensuring that proper signage is displayed in the Event area. The signage shall reiterate the requirements for masks and social distancing and to not attend the Event if a person is experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19.
  7. The Event Organizer is responsible for ensuring that the restrooms are cleaned, all trash is removed, all chairs and tables are returned to their place of storage, and the list of attendees is provided to the UUFNN office administrator.