“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Reno Posse: Cooking for our hungry neighbors!


  • UUFNN; area between buildings by 2:00 OR
  • Reno Buddhist Center 225 3/4 West Taylor, drop just inside doors. Careful to not use Plumas St entrance, 3:30-5:30

We ALWAYS need volunteers! Some jobs take minutes, and we do it all safely, incorporating the “physical distancing” practice. Most work is done alone in your kitchen! Reach out to us at posse@uufnn.org if you are interested in more info. Blessed be!

Faith In Action

Faith in Action Nevada is a nonpartisan, multi-faith organization that organizes and advocates for racial justice, economic justice, and an inclusive democracy. UUFNN has been a partner of Faith In Action (formerly ACTIONN.) Rooted in transformative local organizing led by communities of faith and those directly impacted by racial and economic injustice in Nevada. Our local organizing drives powerful voter engagement and grassroots advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels. There are levels of involvement from small to large! Contact Lois Bianchi and Linda Doro at faithinaction@uufnn.org to find out how to become involved.

Faith In Action 81st Nevada Legislative Session Recap

Food Bank of Northern Nevada Update
To find out more about Summer opportunities at the Food Bank, sign up for their newsletter here: https://fbnn.org/

Many sincere thanks to all of you for your continued interest and support.

Questions?  foodbankvolunteers@uufnn.org

The Borderlands Justice Team

The vision of the UUFNN Borderlands Justice Team is a community with equitable, kind and just treatment of the undocumented people in our community and society at large, including a just Immigration system that is navigable and people are treated with respect and dignity.

The mission of BJT is to:

  • Learn about the immigration system in the US and its impact on people in our community
  • Find ways to be an ally for undocumented people in our community
  • Become aware of our own biases and how to lessen them as we learn
  • Work with organizations in our community to support undocumented people
  • Develop a data base of oral histories of undocumented experiences in Nevada to share with our congregation and others
  • Find oral histories from across the US to share with our congregation and others
  • Write letters and make phone calls to implore our elected officials to change the US immigration system to a humane and just system
  • Educate our congregation and others to take action to meet the vision of BJT

Together in ministry, we will:

For more information, contact borderlands@uufnn.org

Immigrants Welcome! UUFNN currently supports two refugee families-a family of 6 from Syria and a family of 4 from the Congo. We also are helping find mentors for other refugee families in the resettlement process. If you are interested in finding out more, email the Northern Nevada International Center at nnic@unr.edu.

Gift Cards  We are always accepting gift cards for community members needing a little help. If you would like to deduct these gifts from your taxes, please put your name on an envelope with the gift cards inside. And if you ever need a little help, let us know! Contact RevKaren@uufnn.org or our pastoral care team for confidential help.